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My wife's sister, Ali, was the first civil partnership wedding I had the pleasure of photographing a few years ago now.  The small photo on the top right shows a photo of Ali and her partner Sarah celebrating their marriage.  The other two smaller images are of Vicky and Anita, another lovely couple who also got married.  Above and below shows another wedding held at the Grovefield House Hotel in Burnham, Buckinghamshire.  Tamsin and Claire had a wonderful Autumnal day and their theme and colours was very much of the season!  Jackie, my wife and assistant, and I particularly loved the cute little touches on their wedding cake - colourful leaves and even a little snail.  Here are just some examples from their special day.

Below are more examples of Tamsin and Claire's special day!  You will also find part of the testimonial provided to a wedding planner about myself (from Tamsin and Claire).

Hello Jenny,

I would be delighted to provide a testimonial for Andrew Gleed Photography.   In terms of pre-ceremony contact with Andrew, I found him to be approachable and friendly, and he listened to what we wanted and also provided ideas and options that could work well for us. One thing I really liked was having the pre-ceremony photoshoot.  We went to Burnham Beeches, as my wife and I have childhood connections with the area. It was a fun photoshoot and Andrew really helped us relax and enjoy the shoot, making for more natural photos. Apart from having some of the ceremony photos on show at home we also have a large aluminium print from our woodland photoshoot, which is really lovely to have - I would recommend your clients having a pre-ceremony photoshoot too. It was great to capture both of us in a place we love and it provides additional happy memories around our ceremony.

On the actual day of the ceremony both Andrew and his wife Jackie came to the venue and both took photos, which provided a good choice of images to look through from different perspectives. Andrew was with us for part of the getting ready time, and snapped some lovely natural shots of us having our makeup done, and photos of family members.

For the actual ceremony Andrew kept out of the way and I didn't feel he was getting in the way at all - and he got some lovely photos of us walking down the aisle, as well as some lovely close ups of relatives and friends whilst they were watching us say our vows - lovely personal shots that convey the happy emotions on the day.

Although Andrew is good at listening and taking our thoughts and plans into account, he is also rather good at coralling the right relatives to be in the right place at the right time! A few weeks before the ceremony we'd given Andrew a list of the set photos we wanted (eg the two of us plus our siblings, the two of us plus parents etc), and he was very good at making sure all those photos were taken - especially in the failing light of early November. Apart from these set photos Andrew and Jackie took photos of us enjoying the day, talking with friends and family, dancing after the reception, as well as taking close up photos of the cake, flowers etc and the venue.

What I really liked was that Andrew had created business cards which had one of our pre-ceremony photos on one side and then details of how to access the ceremony day photos online. These were then placed in the venue for friends and family to take home with them. The cards included a password to access the photos, and also mentioned a discount for early purchases.

After the ceremony, once we returned from our honeymoon, we visited Andrew to look through the photos. He put on a slideshow for us and played music from our ceremony, which really added a little something extra.  

Overall I really liked his style of photography, and he made everyone feel at ease, meaning fun, happy photos were taken rather than posed ones. He and Jackie were easy to talk to and were good at emailing or calling us if we had any queries or questions. They were lovely to have around and managed to capture really magical moments from our big day

Many thanks, Tamsin.



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