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Wedding Photo Booth Photos Buckinghamshire: this type of party photography is a very popular option and you can hire us for the evening for your Wedding, Birthday or Anniversary celebrations. Photo Booth photography is what we do but without the actual booth. We either put up a background or use the available wallpaper or plain wall if it is suitable (lit with professional lights if need be), so we create a mini studio situation.

The other option is a party and wedding vintage booth backdrop (a false wall) set up with wallpaper and photo frames. Please go to the 'PHOTO BOOTH' Menu option above to see the vintage style photo wall. On this page you will also see what you receive for both photo booth types.

Have a look at the typical photos below to get an idea of previous events. READ FURTHER DOWN FOR MORE DETAILS.

Having Fun at a Stoke Place Wedding
We Have Lots of Props & You Can Bring Your Own Too

Great for wedding receptions
Take One!

Can be used for Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events
He's a cute little fellow!

There is room even for a bigger group on our white pop up backdrop!
Mad lot!

We have many different sized frames
People love our silly signs

Another little life in our Photo Frame
How romantic! A preview of married life perhaps?

There are a couple of different situations for weddings. If I am your wedding photographer booked up to the first dance then I can set up whilst you are eating, ready to stay on to take shots of you and your guests from the arrival of the evening guests.

If you have already booked your main photographer then I can just do the booth style photography, as your wedding photographer will probably leave after the first dance or earlier, depending on the package booked.



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