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Portrait Offers!

Valentines Day and Easter are approaching fast

It's always hard to think of new and exciting gift ideas for family and friends, so we've been doing some thinking for you! Here are some marvellous gifts for everyone. *

Up to 50% discount on usual prices.  If you want to see more examples of my portrait photography then please go to my other web site PORTRAITS page and have a look at the slideshows there to see plenty of photos from past sessions.  You can mail me on andy@gleedphotography.co.uk if you would like to purchase a voucher.  Just let me know the type of voucher you want and I will contact you ASAP to ask about the wording you require on it (i.e. a special message to your friend or family member).

* These Portrait Offers apply to new customers purchasing vouchers between 25th January 2016 and 2nd April 2016.  All portrait sessions are subject to availability.  If I can't fit you in for your preferred date/month then I can extend the voucher slightly if necessary.

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Portrait Package

Treat your family and friends to something special this year by buying a family portrait voucher (valid for 6 months from purchase).

What's included?

  • A professional photo shoot - either a modern studio portrait session on a white background or in the woods or a large park, (no mileage charged within 15 miles of our office in Hazlemere, High Wycombe)
  • Up to a family of 6 (£10 per extra family member if over 6)
  • A beautiful complimentary framed 5" x 7" print
  • The opportunity to purchase more photos from the viewing session.  Once the customer has purchased a framed product (starting from £80.00), album or wall product they can choose to buy mounted prints or high resoution files

Spread some cheer this year with this relaxed, hassle-free gift that will be treasured and enjoyed for years to come & at a reduced price of £45.00 for the session.

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Newborn Baby Photography Portrait Session

If your family member or friend is due to give birth soon this great gift of a voucher for a newborn photo session for a new family will be an delightful present and the first professional photos wil be treasured

The Gift

  • A photo session in the comfort of the parents' home environment (no mileague charged within 15 miles of our office in High Wycombe) for babies between 7 and 14 days old.
  • Voucher vallid for 6 months from date of purchase to allow the recipient to arrange an appropriate date with us according to the birth date.
  • A beautiful complimentary 5" x 7" framed print of the favourite photo.
  • View and buy more photos from the viewing session.  Once a framed product, album or wall product (framed prints starting from £80.00) has been purchased the customer is able to purchase mounted prints & high resolution files.

All this at a special price of £90.00.

A Pet Portrait Session

Looking for a pet-friendly shoot! We offer a safe and relaxed environment for you and your furry friends. We’re passionate about capturing the fun and personalities of every pet so purchase your voucher now to show some puppy love!

How does it work?

  • A photo shoot EITHER on a white background studio setup OR in a local park or the woods, within 15 miles of my office in High Wycombe (without any mileage charge)
  • It can be just photos of the pet or up to 4 family members can have photos as well with their furry friend (£10 extra per person for over 4)
  • The favourite photo supplied as a complimentary 5" x 7" framed print
  • The opportunity for our customer to buy some high resolution files or mounted prints at their viewing session, once they have purchased either a framed print (starting at £80.00), wall product or album.

The perfect present for animal lovers at only £45.00.

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