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I have photographed several weddings now at the Compleat Angler.  The first one shown on the above slideshow is from Mark and Janette's December 2013 wedding, and the most recent one follows that (October 2014), being Louise and Paul.  Mark and Janette arranged for a bird to fly in their rings so you will notice there are a few pictures of various birds of prey!  This venue offers great scope for shots on the Bridge, with the church and river in the background and in its many comfortable and varied areas inside the hotel itself.  It really is very classy for both the ceremony and reception.  You will see a lovely red sky that often appears at certain times of the year in the photos of Louise and Paul.  We ourselves got married there so are a little biased, but absolutely love going back to take wedding photos for other couples.  Janette and Mark wrote a lovely testimonial, requested by a Wedding Planner, so if you want to see that it is on our Pricing Page.

It is a good vene for all seasons as it looks fantastic dressed for Christmas and there are of course backgrounds of the river and greenery, which is always attractive.  Have a look at the web link below for more information.  We are invited along to this lovely hotel for their 'Wedding Experience Days' with our alternative photo booth service (the vintage wall) so we display this and take some fun photos with all the props.  Of course we can also take wedding photos if the couple haven't picked their wedding photographer at the time.  You can see examples of the wall used at Mark and Janette's wedding in this slideshow.  If you have booked the Compleat Angler please call us to talk about your day and see if we are free to take your photos.





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